BunkerTrace is a product co-developed by BLOC and Forecast Technology.


BLOC and Forecast Technology benefit from an experienced and effective leadership, supported by a highly motivated, experienced and ambitious team that consists of a unique mix of multidisciplinary domain experts that we’ve carefully crafted to contribute to the success of BunkerTrace. A short list of essential BunkerTrace team members is as follows:

Deanna MacDonald

Co-Founder and Advisory Board Member

Deanna brings over a decade of experience in applying and scaling industrial technologies. She focuses on business and application development, systems architecture and acting as the bridge between business, technology and policy. Deanna holds an MSc in International Business and Politics from Copenhagen Business School.

Dudley Chapman

Co-Founder and Advisory Board Member

Dudley has spent over 40 years in the insurance industry, specialising in the loss adjustment of energy related claims. Throughout his career, he has handled on behalf of Lloyd’s and international Insurers many of the largest losses ever to hit the insurance markets.

Marc Johnson


Marc brings his extensive experience in product development, implementation, and management from previous roles in the energy and finance industries. For BunkerTrace, he leads the development and execution of long-term strategies, which includes overseeing the technical tracks of integrating our solutions, business models, and scaling processes. Marc holds an MSc in Sustainability Management from Columbia University.

Stuart Hall

Director of Sales

Stuart has an engineering background with extensive hands-on experience of capital plant, fluid handling and consumables in numerous industries. This involved the introduction of new technology, training, management of change and improvement in profitability with achievements in team building.

Vicky Chapman


Vicky brings her experience in executing core functions related to inventory management, operations, and providing synchronisation across BunkerTrace’s people and processes. Prior to joining BunkerTrace, Vicky worked for 6 years in the same role at Lloyd Warwick Limited where she oversaw numerous investments on behalf of the company, largely in property, (both residential and commercial).

Peter Olsson


Peter brings his experience in executing core functions related to the financial officers role e.g. reporting, investments, processes, controlling, order fulfillment, and providing synchronisation across the organisation. Prior to joining BLOC and BunkerTrace Peter has worked for over 25 years as CFO & financial controller for multiple companies in the technology and manufacturing industries.

David Arvan

Chief Technology Officer

Software Engineer with experience developing large consumer-focused sites and applications at Google, YouTube, Android, Nest, Yahoo, and various startups. His focus has been on user interface/experience and middleware. He has created blockchain analysis tools to collect and share high level metadata on underlying transactions. David is leading the back end development, blockchain and encryption development, integration with applications and Forecast Technology and will lead the technical development strategy, team and tracks as they develop.

Sofia Karali

Director of Marketing

Sofia specialises on lead generation, growth hacking, and pipeline marketing, and brings experience in community building, business development and project management. She will lead the development of brand foundation that will allow the company to further grow and thrive. Sofia holds an MSc in Entrepreneurship & Strategy Economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Bob Stratton

Chief Engineering Officer (CEngO)

Bob has responsibility for mobile applications and development of the hardware platforms in use across projects. His wide-ranging skillset includes extensive application development experience covering mobile apps, Line-of-business desktop software and web services. He has delivered many successful projects for previous clients. He is also widely experienced in designing IT Architecture for corporate clients, building and managing private cloud Infrastructure and IT security. Bob has worked in leading technology roles for many companies over his long career in Information Technology.