About BunkerTrace

For owners and managers looking to discern the integrity of a fuel product before it’s loaded, BunkerTrace combines digital and forensic technologies to create an inclusive support system that enhances marine fuel traceability and provides a clear chain of custody for better quality assurance in the bunker fuel supply chain.

To tag the fuels, we utilize ‘oligonucleotides’ (short single strands of synthetic DNA) to provide a virtually unlimited number of unique, secure codes (finger prints), which are encoded with the information on quality and origin of fuels from the BunkerTrace solution. The primary components of the integrated solution include:

  • Synthetic DNA tag (tracer) applied in multiple locations confirming detailed product origin information via lab quality analysis documentation and specification of fuels from suppliers and operators
  • Highly sensitive molecular labels (flag) can quickly identify, in-the-field, if a certified product has been adulterated - 1 minute testing on board ship to ensure the fuel was delivered on spec.
  • Blockchain technology as the data layer that creates an immutable chain of custody by recording the bunker delivery transactions as input from the actors transacting the fuel and automated input from quality fuel tests and tracers while linking to the specific transactions and unique identifiers associated with this fuel.

Taken together, these elements create an immutable chain of custody audit trail that follows the fuel, and any changes made to it, throughout the supply chain and records all activities and sign offs by actors transacting the fuel. For bunker operators who want to mitigate quality risks and reduce compliance costs, BunkerTrace provides an end to end audit trail for of bunker fuels to provide full transparency and demonstrate regulatory compliance. Unlike current paper based documentation and cumbersome compliance processes, we bridge the physical and digital by combining frontier technologies in an easy-to-use turnkey reporting solution.

To learn more, get to know the BunkerTrace Team and reach out!